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EOD Bomb







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A Bomb Disposal Sapper's Lament


We are the R.E. Bomb Disposers,
Enlisted for the war
And for many months we lay about
‘til life becomes a bore.
Then Jerry came along
To break our sweet repose
We now go round from place to place
His dud ones to dispose.
Some people think they’re filled with sand
And are dropped about for fun
But there’s nothing ruddy funny
About any Nazi Hun.
We have to wake up early
To thwart Adolf’s little tricks,
To find out which are acid ones
From those whose clockwork ticks.
There is one job we are proud of,
Amongst our many calls
When Davies and his merry men
Saved Britain’s great St. Pauls.
We don’t kid ourselves we’re heroes
‘cos we sometimes get the blues,
especially when we get a bomb
that’s got an awkward fuze.
And if we get it out alright,
We do a little grin
But if we don’t - that’s just too bad
And they inform our next of kin.


Written by a Sapper of No 9 Bomb Disposal Company, RE (Birmingham/Coventry) WW2 circa 1940/41, whose name is thought to be Walter Cornish.